English balance luck game

English Balance Luck Game

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The game EBL, designed to make English learning more fun, was prepared by professionals. EBL is not only a funny group activity, it also helps to improve speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge with its original method. Now, Learning English is more fun with EBL!




EBL is played by at least 2 players. There is no a maximum number of players, but it is more fun with fewer players so that you get more turns. 

Before the play, you must build a tower of blocks. 

First, 3 blocks are arranged in a layer on a flat surface. Then, 3 more blocks are put on the first layer and rotated 90 ° along the horizontal axis from the first layer. Likewise, the rest of the blocks are stacked to form a spire in the shape of a tower.

When the tower is ready, the first player pulls a block from any level of the tower. Make sure that you don’t draw a block from the topmost level. Besides, you are allowed to use a single hand and 2 fingers only.

Another rule is, once you have touched a block, you have to draw this very block and you cannot leave it and switch to another block.  When you draw a block successfully you must answer the question correctly. If you answer correctly, you keep the block and win the points. Keep in mind that red blocks mean higher points 

If you cannot answer a question properly, you cannot claim the points on that block. Unanswered blocks are put aside and the points on them cannot be claimed by anybody. 

Players take turns moving blocks until the end of play. The game ends when the tower falls completely or if ant block falls from the tower. The total points of the loser are divided equally among the players. The player with the highest points becomes the champion.

English skills, keeping balance and luck…. These are all you need. EBL is full of fun. Enjoy it!

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