Is Dyslexia a Neurological Problem?

Is Dyslexia a Neurological Problem?

If a student without a mental problem, visual and hearing impairment is having trouble reading and reading comprehension, he/she may have Dyslexia. Dyslexia, which has a prevalence of 10-20% among students who start school, is actually a neurological problem.


The World Neurology Federation defines dyslexia as "a disorder that manifests itself with the difficulty of learning to read, despite having sufficient intelligence and sociocultural opportunity in a traditional educational setting".


Dyslexia has no relationship with intelligence, there is no mental deficiency. However, it is also seen in children with very high intelligence levels. Intelligence level of dyslexics are not low and they may even have special abilities.



Here Famous Dyslexians;

Leonardo da Vinci (Famous painter and inventor)

Thomas Edison (The scientist who invented the light bulb)

Sylvester Stallone (Famous Actor)

Agatha Christie (Famous Author)

Albert Einstein (Famous scientist)

Pablo Picasso (Famous Painter)

Walt Disney (Famous filmmaker)


Marianne M. Nice, who is a speech and language pathologist, indicated significant factors to see development on dyslectic children. These are accurate diagnosis, powerdul teaching methods, and intensity and consistency. Schedule should be determined according to these criterias to fill the academic gap.





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