About Dilgem

About Dilgem

About Us

Founded by DILGEM Education, Training, Counseling, and Publishing Ltd. Comp., DILGEM is the first private Speech and Language institution in Turkey. To ensure a holistic approach for the services we provide at DILGEM, we also employ specialists in Special Education, Psychological Counseling, Assessment and Evaluation, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition and Dietetics as well as Speech and Language Therapy. We honor the value of team work with our professionals from Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Special Education, Child development, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Dietetics.

Our Mission

As DILGEM, we aspire to help people live a happier, more productive, and more successful life through supporting their social, psychological, and biological well-being with our innovative and various services in Speech-Language and Hearing Disorders, Child and Adolescent Psychological Counseling, Special Education, and Adult Psychological Counseling.


Our Vision

As DILGEM Language Development Center, our vision is to sustain our development by constantly aiming for the better in terms of offering a healthy, successful, and happy life to individuals, couples, and families via providing services within international standards.

Why Dilgem?

- Specialist with at least and MA or MSc Degree work at DILGEM'.

- “INDIVIDUAL CENTERED APPROACH” is the core for all services provided at DILGEM.

- TEAM-WORK prevails at DILGEM.
- Regular CASE MEETINGS is a must for each individual at DILGEM.
- Specialists working at DILGEM provide services within international standards thanks to their ongoing training with field experts from the U.S.A and Europe.
- DILGEM utilizes the educational and therapeutic materials developed by the German company PROLOG.
- Specialists with a good command of at least one foreign language work at DILGEM.
- Our team at DILGEM translates at least one article into Turkish on a daily basis. Both the translation and the original article are posted online at www.dilgem.com.tr, which is regularly visited by 30-40 thousand people in a day. Moreover, these documents are also shared with others via DILGEM’s social media accounts and WhatsApp groups accommodating almost 10 thousand people.


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