How To Get Quality Sleep?

How To Get Quality Sleep?

We prepared this article to answer some of your questions about quality sleep.

Hope you have been having a GREAT day so far!

Now, I would like you to please imagine such a scene like below:

(It is in the morning, you are still in your bed. While slowly openning your eyes, you are soon to realise that you are feeling GREAT!)

You: (You inhale rapidly) Overslept!! So late for work!! NO!

(You anxiously jump out of your bed and check the time)

You: Wait, it is 06:28?! I woke up without the alarm?! WHAT!? But HOW!?

(While still collecting yourself, you are going to the kitchen to have some fresh water)

(After having drunk some water and exhaling relaxingly) Ahh… I think I know… I have been following Beren’s sleeping advice… And after properly adjusting it, it perfectly WORKS!!


I am asking you: Do you want to be the main character in the scene above?

You: NO WAY!! It is impossible for me to wake up FEELING GREAT like at 06:28(??!!) and BY MYSELF! (?!!)

Me: Actually, it is perfectly possible! Ready to see HOW?

You: You kidding me?! That would ABSOLUTELY CHANGE MY LIFE!! Go ahead and burst it out!

AWESOME! Here you go then,

NOTICE: I am about to give you some pieces of advice here and please keep in mind that, everyone’s body might be wired differently. So, when you get used to following this advice, the process of setting a certain routine could make you feel like having a totally unexpected experience.

So, I need you to;

STAY………Patient (until you will find your unique routine), Motivated (until you will have these routines as daily habits) AND PROUD OF YOURSELF in both “TRYING TO APPLY” these routines and “BEING ABLE TO APPLY” them…

You know what,

When you APPRECIATE YOURSELF about the new things that you have been learning about and applying( most people just learn but do not apply, HEY! YOU ARE BRILLIANT APPLYING THEM!) them, you will feel FABULOUS about yourself and this AMAZING STATE OF BEING will BRING YOU CLOSER TO ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS…

!!!WARNING!!! During any “Changing Process”,you might feel like: uncomfortable, not as strong, and (maybe even) disheartened… and these feelings mean that: YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

You: What?! Why?

Me: Because in order to “Change Anything”, things will most likely make you feel like “Uncomfortable”. Simply because of the fact that you are not used to that yet.

The beauty in here is that; when you start to feel UNCOMFORTABLE about that new thing, you have just REACHED the VERY FIRST STEP of the change!! Yaaayyy!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

You: WOW! So, feeling like those above means that I have been doing GREAT?!

Me: ABSOLUTELY, YES!! And now you are doing GREAT by even listening to me that means that you are openned to this! I am so PROUD OF YOU!

You: To be honest, I have never thought about it like this before! Thank you for your encouragement! I appreciate it!

Me: I am so happy that you feel like this! So, ready for some “GOOD sleeping advice”?


Me: You definitely WILL BE ABLE TO handle this! You have been doing FABULOUS!


6 Things for “Quality Sleep” 

Now; let’s start with the FIRST ITEM ON “quality sleep”:

  • Create every “at blah o’clocks” for both “going to sleep” and “waking up”!

What do I mean? Well, please try to have a specific time for going to bed and waking up. If you do so, your body will adjust to that routine and you will feel much better!

You: GREAT! Thank you! And one thing: How do I determine those “going to bed” and “waking up” times, though?

Me: FABULOUS QUESTION! Thank you! You need to try for those by yourself and see how you will feel about them. Because there is no certain time for everyone since every one of us have different bodies.

GREAT! THE SECOND ONE ON “quality sleep” is:

  • Have a nice dream thanks to a GOOD pillow and a GOOD bed!

Imagine that you are at home and it is “Your bed time” ( as we have just talked about this above)… You are feeling like you want to sleep and you notice “Your place to sleep”! Oh wow!! You have got the most comfy bed and a great pillow for you! Then, sweet dreams…

!!!ATTENTION, PLEASE!!!: Hey! Please do not fall asleep just because I have just told you “sweet dreams” above. I’ve got other things to talk with you!

AMAZING! THE THIRD ITEM ON “quality sleep” goes like:

  • No more “DRINKS WITH CAFFEINE” before your bed time,… please?

Maybe now you are shouting at me saying:

You: WHAT?!! I would love to have my coffee before I go to sleep, as well!!! Is there anything wrong with it? Come on…

Me: I do never like to be the evil BUT when you drink anything that consist of caffeine (tea, coffee and so on), it (more likely than not) will make you feel more awake… So, I really am so sorry to say this but; when it is “your sleeping time”, please make sure that you do not drink anything that will potentially give you more energy…

WOW! THE FOURTH ONE ON “quality sleep” is:

  • You are in bed BUT “with your eyes wide open”?

No more pushes for you for being able to sleep, in case if you do not feel like sleeping, please.

You: What do you mean?

Me: I mean, sometimes you might not be able to sleep for any reason(s)… So what? Well, please beware of that reason or those reasons that get you awake. Also, if you take some notes about those, you will be able to see the thing or things that you have been thinking about… I believe that, writing them down will make you provide a solution for them either at that moment or maybe you will prefer to delay those… Either way, at least you will have written them down so they have just become more concrete than before… Let’s see how this goes? I would definitely give it a try!

FABULOUS! Let’s see what our FIFTH ITEM ON “quality sleep” is:

  • How dark is your room for a “GOOD sleep”?

This is absolutely up to you! As long as you can fall asleep easily and comfortably, that would be the best level of darkness in your bedroom. So, please try different ways of darknesses and see how you feel about each one of them!

AND OUR FINAL ITEM ON “quality sleep” is down below:

  • How cool (warm? Cold?) is your bedroom?

Well, there is a term called “ideal room temperature” and it usually is thought to be around between 16-18 degree celsius. I believe that you again have to choose how you feel about different temperatures in your bedroom. The air condition could be a good solution for arranging the PERFECT degree for you!


How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Although there is no exact number of hours that fit for everyone, it is estimated that most adults might need around 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

You: hahahah!! Who can do that? We are all so busy! I can only sleep like 4-5 hours if I’ve got the time for that…

Me: I can totally understand you. Most people say just like what you have just said and that is the very reason for that number of hours “to be estimated” and they are changeable for everyone. Please keep in mind, you should listen to “what your body says”… and when you will start feeling better, that means you have been doing the right thing for yourself!

To conclude, as I promised, I will write my next article about “Tips to feel better as individuals living with their families, and/or with a group of people during Covid-19 Outbreak”.


Thank you for taking your precious time to read this article.

I would like you to please remember that:

I believe that, YOU have got the power within you that enables you to do ABSOLUTELY anything you want, as long as you stay motivated and work hard for what you want to achieve!

I belive in you!


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This article was written by Beren Akyürek who used NHSThe Sleep Charity, Science Direct and Understanding Sleep as a reference.  After completing her undergraduate education at the Anadolu University( Eskişehir, Turkey) from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Beren Akyürek had her postgraduate education at the University of York (York, United Kingdom) from the Department of Education. She has been doing translations and as well as teaching the English language to all age groups.