Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Anxiety Disorders
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Anxiety Disorders

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CBT for Anxiety



DiLGEM is pleased to announce that we have engaged Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) training to DiLGEM. Beck Institute is the home of CBT and provides the gold standard in CBT training for thousands of health and mental health professionals across the globe each year. The topic being presented is CBT for Anxiety.



CBT for Anxiety


Workshop Description:


Learn how to conceptualize anxious patients, plan treatment based on the individualized conceptualization, engage the anxious patient in the therapeutic relationship, decrease physiological symptoms of anxiety and increase functional behavior. You will learn how to use evidence-based cognitive and behavioral strategies to help patients identify and respond adaptively to key anxious thoughts and beliefs, restructure maladaptive cognitions and catastrophic misinterpretations, develop exposure hierarchies, build symptom tolerance, eliminate safety behaviors, increase tolerance for uncertainty, and reduce obsessions, compulsions, and avoidance. These cognitive behavioral therapy strategies will be applied to specific diagnoses of generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.




At the conclusion of CBT for Anxiety, participants will be able to:


  1. Describe the structure of CBT sessions for anxiety disorders.
  2. Define the components of the cognitive model of anxiety.
  3. Conceptualize individual clinical presentations according to the cognitive model of anxiety.
  4. Develop treatment plans from the case conceptualization.
  5. Normalize and build tolerance for anxious symptoms.
  6. Use cognitive restructuring techniques.
  7. Use in vivo and imaginal exposure techniques.
  8. Teach clients to implement affect regulation techniques.
  9. Use response prevention techniques.
  10. Explain how to reduce safety behaviors
  11. Decrease client avoidance and increase acceptance of uncertainty.
  12. Describe how to treat specific anxious clinical presentations.


This workshop fulfills one requirement of Beck Institute CBT Certification. For more information, visit




Dr. Robert Hindman
Licensed Clinical Psychologist at the Beck Institute


Dr. Hindman is a licensed psychologist at the Beck Institute. He received his PhD in clinical psychology from The Catholic University of America, where his research focused on stress, anxiety, and mindfulness. He developed two mindfulness-focused stress reduction programs for his dissertation research. Dr. Hindman completed his clinical internship at the Coatesville VA medical center and post-doctoral fellowship at the Beck Institute. He has co-authored book chapters on anxiety and mindfulness as well as cognitive therapy, and has published several journal articles. Currently, Dr. Hindman provides cognitive behavior therapy for clients with diverse presenting problems. In his role as a Beck Institute faculty member, he teaches CBT to a wide variety of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals. Dr. Hindman also conducts individual and group consultation and supervision for therapists looking to learn or improve their skills in cognitive behavior therapy. In addition, Dr. Hindman collaborates on research that aims to determine effective ways for organizations and therapists to adopt and be trained in CBT.




Beck Institute is a nonprofit organization, established in 1994 by Dr. Aaron T. Beck and Dr. Judith S. Beck as a setting for state-of-the-art psychotherapy and professional training in CBT. It has since provided training for over 25,000 professionals, and recently added the Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R), a revolutionary new practice that extends the benefits of Cognitive Therapy to individuals who have been given a diagnosis of a serious mental health condition. For more information on Beck Institute, please visit  





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