DIR 101: DIR® DIRFloortime® Basic Training Course

DIR 101: DIR® DIRFloortime® Basic Training Course

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ICDL President



The ICDL DIRFloortime® Training Program
The original and official DIR® and DIRFloortime® (AKA Floortime®) training program

Welcome to the DIRFloortime® Training Program!  ICDL offers many courses from short 1/2-day workshops like our "Engaging and Respecting Autism" presentation that is open to everyone and anyone all the way through our "Expert Training Leader" course for advanced professionals that are approved by ICDL to formally teach the ICDL certificate courses.  Wherever you are on that learning journey, we welcome you to our program!



Professionals and Paraprofessionals: The DIRFloortime® Training Program (formerly the DIR® Institute) is open to anyone who wants to learn the DIR® model and DIRFloortime® approach that is based on respectful, meaningful interactions that are tailored to each person's individual differences and promotes each person's development to their fullest potential.  While the DIRFloortime Professional Certificate courses are rigorous and it helps a great deal to have an advanced degree in a related field, there are actually no college or university education prerequisites to take any of the courses offered except for the DIR 204 level course which requires that a participant hold at least a bachelor's level college degree in occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, social work, counseling, medicine, music therapy, or another related field.



Who should take DIRFloortime Professional Certificate courses? Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers, Early Intervention Specialists, Day Care Professionals, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, and any other professional that supports the development of infants, children, young adults, and adults.



Parents: :  Parents are welcomed to join any of our courses.  However there are a few things to know.  The DIR 101 course is designed for parents and professionals and we welcome parents in this course.  The DIR 200 and 300 level courses are designed for professionals and paraprofessionals, but we welcome parents to join these as well.  Parents can join 200 or 300 level courses in two ways.  Either they can audit the course or they can take the course as a professional or paraprofessional.  If a parent audits a 200 or 300 level course, the registration fee is reduced and the parent is not participating in the case presentation section of the course.  The parent may be a part of all lectures, discussions, and view presentations from other students, but they cannot present their own child.  This course structure is just not designed to be able to appropriately or ethically coach parents about their own child.  We strongly recommend that a parent connects with a local Floortime practitioner in their area for coaching regarding their own child.  If a parent takes a 200 or 300 level course as a professional or paraprofessional, then they are engaging in the case presentation aspects of the course, but they are not permitted to present their own child.  They must present themselves using Floortime with a child other than their own.  Alternatively, ICDL has a parent track of our courses called "Building Floortime Families" with our partner Affect Autism.  These courses are specifically designed for parents of children with special needs. 


The DIRFloortime® training model efficiently and effectively meets the needs of those who want to start using DIRFloortime® principles in their communities, and make a difference in the lives of so many children and adults while being respectful of their interests and right for self-determination.


There are four levels of the professional DIRFloortime® Certificate Program.  Completion of the DIR 101 Introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime® is required to enter into the professional certificate program.  These are the four levels: 


  • DIRFloortime® Basic Certificate (DIR-Basic)
    • Must successfully complete DIR 201
  • DIRFloortime® Certificate of Proficiency (DIR-Proficient)
    • Must successfully complete DIR 201, and 202
  • DIRFloortime® Advanced Certificate (DIR-Advanced)
    • Must successfully complete DIR 201, 202, and 203
  • DIRFloortime® Expert Training Leader Certificate (DIR-Expert Training Leader)
    • Must successfully complete DIR 201, 202, 203, and 204


This is a progressive assessment-based certificate program.  This means that you must successfully complete one course at a time to progress to the next.  Also, as an assessment-based certificate program, each participant's Floortime skills are assessed using an assessment rubric and each participant must earn a passing rating in order to earn the official certificate.  We strive not to make it overly difficult and we offer much support, however we also strive to ensure that every person that earns a certificate meets basic quality standards.  ICDL also arranges mentoring and tutoring for participants that need additional support to complete a given certificate or expand their skills.



ICDL also offers an array of other workshops, courses, and conferences.  ICDL has 300 level courses that usually require completion of certain 200 level courses as a prerequisite.  These courses include topics like, DIR in Education, DIR with Adults, and DIR with Adolescent.  These courses are posted on the DIRFloortime® Courses page when they are available.


We invite you to review the following pages for more information:


In addition to courses offered directly through ICDL, ICDL has licensed and approved DIR® training centers and trainers throughout the world.  It is important to note that all official DIR® courses offered by other entities must be licensed or approved by ICDL to be eligible to utilize the DIRFloortime® Training Program curriculum, to use any of ICDL's trademarks such as "DIR", "DIRFloortime", or "Floortime", and to qualify for an official DIRFloortime® certificate.  If you do not see that the training you are considering is approved by ICDL, then you are not getting the official DIRFloortime® training and ICDL may not have approved the use of the curriculum or trademark.  The DIRFloortime® Training Program has been developed over many years.  Originally developed under the guidance of Drs. Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, the DIRFloortme® Training Program utilizes a comprehensive approach to teaching the DIR® principles and Floortime approach.  ICDL has licensed training providers all around the world leading courses in many different languages.  Most of these courses can be found on our DIRFloortime® Courses page.  If you have any questions about whether a course is officially sanctioned by ICDL, please contact us at dirfloortimetraining@icdl.com.



There are 3 other organizations that are also providing some form of DIR training.  Most of the leaders from these organizations were trained by ICDL and/or active with ICDL and have gone on to develop their own programs.  We are thrilled to have people learning Floortime, however we currently do not formally approve or license these 3 programs.  Here is important information on these programs:


  • Play Project: Courses offered by the Play Project are not officially sanctioned by ICDL, but those that complete the Play Project training to become a Play Project Consultant may enter the DIRFloortime® Training Program  with advanced placement by enrolling in DIR 202.  Please contact dirfloortimetraining@icdl.com for details. 
  • The Greenspan Floortime Approach: Individuals that complete training with the Greenspan Floortime Approach or the Floortime Center may also enter the official DIRFloortime® Training Program with advanced placement.  Please contact dirfloortimetraining@icdl.com for details. 
  • Profectum: Courses offered by Profectum are not sanctioned by ICDL and are not official DIRFloortime® certificate courses.  There is no opportunity to enter the official DIRFloortime® Training Program with advanced placement. 
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