Hanen 4 “I”s to Socialize

Hanen 4 “I”s to Socialize


Hanen education is a parent and coaching workshop. It can be applied to children with lack of social skills or autism. In this education, children are visibly improved in the field of social skills. Children’s social communication level is evaluated then the steps to be taken are determined by using this workshop.


 In addition, Hanen can also be used to increase the interaction between the family and the child. It will also be very beneficial for families as the interaction strategies taken from Hanen's "More than words" program are used. One of the main philosophies of this education is that it can contribute to the treatment of families with social communication problems in parent’s children. Therefore, parent feel themselves as a part of the treatment, families can see the positive reward of their endeavor for their children.


One of the biggest problems seen in children with autism is the lack of social skills or the problem of interaction with people. Thus, parent share more time with their children. This sharing with their families will support their development.




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