Language and Speech Therapy

Language and Speech Therapy

Who is a Speech & Language Therapist?

They are the experts with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy, and they manage assessment, treatment, and prevention of communication disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.

These specialists design and conduct the therapy program based on the assessment of communication disorder(s) an individual suffers from. They also offer counselling services to both the client and significant others for the proper guidance, and, if need be, they work in collaboration with psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, special education personnel, and teachers, which enhances the organization and pace of the entire treatment process.

The profession of Speech and Language Therapy was approved and accepted among health-related practice in our country by the enactment of Law# 6225 on April 6, 2011. A relatively new field of work in Turkey, this profession is composed of a limited number of experts. The difficulty to reach out to licensed clinicians sometimes opens the doors to abuse within this occupation. The title of Speech and Language Therapist is designated to those who complete either undergraduate or graduate studies in this field. Legally, it is not allowed to become an official Speech and Language Therapists through a certification training.

DILGEM Code of Ethics

Providing services in speech and language therapy since 2009, DİLGEM is one of the most established institutions in our country. Appreciating the value of collaboration in this field, our institution offers a thorough assessment for clients  via a team-work approach. Our main principle is to provide the best possible treatment program that produces rapid outcomes by way of a cooperation among the experts specializing in different fields.

How does the process work?

Speech and Language therapists conduct an assessment procedure for any client appealing to DILGEM with complaints of speech and language disorders. Based on the assessment results and the individuals’ unique needs, childhood and adolescence psychiatrists, special education teachers, or psychologists working at DILGEM share their expert opinions with the SLTs, if need be. The treatment plan of any individual is a product of this meticulous collaboration process among different but related professions.


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