The Empowered Speech Language Pathologists
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The Empowered Speech Language Pathologists

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This 6 week live course is specifically designed for professionals who are interested in self-care and personal development while learning how to save time, energy, and money. “The Empowered SLP” guides professionals in how to use mindfulness techniques in their daily lives and with their caseloads of littles. Through videos, podcasts, articles, and self-reflection, participants will learn about setting intentional goals, managing change, and maintaining internal peace.






INTRO: Goal setting

  1. “Remember Your Why”
  2. “The Self Love SLP”
  3. “Connection Over Perfection”
  4. “Parents and Professionals as Partners”
  5. “Budgets and Boundaries”
  6. “Mindfulness and Mental Health”

Self Reflection 


This course includes a 40 page guided workbook that pairs with each weekly module and 40 pages of parent handouts for professionals and their caseloads.





Rachel Musial


ASHA Board Certified 



Rachel Musial is a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist specializing in mindfulness, mental health and self-care. Rachel is a big sister to two siblings that both attended speech  therapy, which ignited her passion for the field. Originally from Chicago, Rachel attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she studied both Speech Pathology and Spanish. She then completed her Master of Arts in Speech Pathology at Northern Illinois University. Currently residing in Denver, Rachel works as a pediatric home health provider with primarily Spanish speaking littles aged birth to five. A strong advocate for parent education and involvement, she strives to make speech therapy as functional and practical as possible.


With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel began to realize the importance of mental health for herself and her clients. "Speech with Rach" was born in March 2020 as a way to share mindfulness, mental health, and early intervention strategies with the SLP community. Through a 6 week live course, podcast episodes, and hands-on materials, Rachel guides prospective SLPs and current therapists through their clinical endeavors.


When she isn't treating littles or posting on social media, Rachel spends her free time in the Rocky mountains with her foster pup, hiking, camping, and living in the present moment.



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