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Our children is the most precious treasure we have. The single duty of you as parents and of us as specialists is to raise them as healthy, confident, and successful individuals living in harmony with our society. As specialists, we know that motherly instincts and love are not enough on their own to raise developmentally healthy children as they go through the stages of growing. Currently, parents are in need of more support for their parental responsibilities. In the meantime, children may develop various sensitivities while completing the cycles of growth, and some concealed symptoms may surface as more prominent pathologies in the future. Our goal is to identify issues as they are about to emerge and to offer feasible solutions and appropriate training opportunities. According to the results of recent research on family, the relation that parents have as a couple is definitive over children’s psychological development and the continuity of family. We walk together with families and their children during different phases of development to help them find answers for their questions and, if need be, to offer them early intervention and support in line with scientific improvements. We assist diagnosed children, adolescents, and their families on a wide range of topics. Our goal is to create a family environment where support and love for each parent is concrete to raise healthy children.

DİLGEM Founder / Ceo
Special Education Teacher & Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

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